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Maxwell the Beagle's adoption day, December 2013.

Maxwell the Beagle’s adoption day, December 2013.Michael Dean, Pastor


Matthias, Mason and Michael near Sedona, AZ

Matthias, Mason and Michael near Sedona, AZ

Pastor Michael has been serving at East Bend since May of 1996.  He and his wife, Tonya, moved here after completing their schooling at Hesston College, Hesston Kansas.

Michael grew up in Phoenix Arizona and came to faith through the teaching and preaching of Pastor’s Peter Weibe and Stan Schantz at Trinity Mennonite Church.

He has a passion for Christ and for walking with others as they begin to realize Jesus’ presence in their lives.  He serves as a part of the Southern Illinois Mission Partnership Leadership team.
Michael and Tonya have three boys, Matthias, Mason, and Malachi.


Angie & Kenny Beachey

Angie & Kenny Beachey

Angie Beachey


Angie Beachey has been serving as the East Bend Secretary since the summer of 2001.  She has been a life-long member of East Bend and also serves in our music ministry.  She is married to Ken Beachey, and has two grown children, Jessica and Nathan.

Angie's favorite winter transportation.

Angie’s favorite winter transportation.




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